I have worked with Real Professionals for over 20 years. The staff is very professional the company couldn't treat their real estate agents any better. The fact that I've worked there for so many years says it all. Thank you to the staff at real estate professionals. David Christensen

I have been with Real Estate Professionals S.E. for over 15 years. It has proven to be a very comfortable (and profitable) relationship. As a smaller company it offers a relaxed, flexible working environment which is ideal for agents of all experience levels. I have always found the staff and other agents supportive and helpful as there is a great combination of experience and expertise in general and niche market real estate sales. Earl Watrous

Looking for a great no stress, no pressure and fully supportive company to work this is it! Staff and broker is great to work with and always there when you need them.  I started working for REP back in 2001. Spent time in a couple other real estate firms but eventually came back “home” and I’m here to stay. Valerie Wanzer

I have been a realtor with Real Estate Professionals Southeast for the last 20 years. As a retired principal and school district administrator, I was looking for a full service real estate office with an experienced broker, a training program that could help me get into the business and access to the technology which was necessary to be a successful realtor. A realtor friend of mine introduced me to Jack Meeks, his broker. I interviewed with Mr. Meeks and found him to be very impressive. Not only did he have a large amount of knowledge about real estate, he had served as the president of our local board of realtors. His office provided me with a trainer that could assist me in getting started in my new career and he was willing to be my mentor. Over the years problems come up where you need to speak with your broker for advice. You can always get hold of Jack or Robert 24/7. Their support and good advice means so much when problems arise. It is because of this, I would highly recommend working for our office. Alan Cornwell