David Kellam, REALTOR® - Real Estate Agent

Headshot for Associate David  Kellam
  • Phone: 407.331.7600 Office
  • Phone: 407.592.5850 Cell
  • Phone: 407.331.9681 Fax
  • Brokerage Website: gorealpro.com
  • Counties Serviced: Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole
  • Dave entered real estate in 1989 and after about a year Dave received the opportunity to move into REO and he and his team have handled exclusively REO since that time. REO Services is a fully funded entity handling all of the aspects of REO from initial assignment to closing. REO Services has been nationally recognized as an industry leader ranking in the top tier for their service and professionalism and listed as preferred brokers by their bank clientele. REO Services is also credited by the industry for the original "offer worksheet" format in the earlier days in the industry. This format is now utilized nationally by a large percentage of REO brokers and in 2005 we received a merit award from the Save The Trees Foundation for the amount of trees saved nationally by using this format. Dave has a full staff that address the various aspects of the REO process and is second to none in their performance.
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